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Hormone therapy helps transgender and non-binary individuals change their secondary sex characteristics to better align with their gender identity. Pineapple Healthcare in Orlando, Florida, provides gender-affirming hormone therapy. Erick Suarez, APRN, and the team have advanced training and experience in transgender health and hormone therapy. Whether you’re just starting your transition or have already started, Pineapple Healthcare can help. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Hormone Therapy Q&A

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy at Pineapple Healthcare is a service the team provides for those in the transgender and non-binary community. It includes hormone treatments that help you change your secondary sexual characteristics so they match your gender identity.

Pineapple Healthcare specializes in LGBTQ health, aiming to make health services more accessible and affordable, including hormone therapy. To help those who are uninsured or underinsured, the team works with lab companies toso they offer you low-cost treatments without sacrificing quality.

What are the types of hormone therapy?

There are two types of hormone therapy: Feminizing hormone therapy and masculinizing hormone therapy.


Feminizing hormone therapy

Feminizing hormone therapy includes an estrogen-like hormone (estradiol) with or without progesterone, along with anti-androgen medication that suppresses testosterone. The goal of this type of hormone therapy isaims to improve breast size, soften skin, and redistribute body fat to create a more feminine shape. 

Feminization hormone therapy also shrinks testicles.


Masculinizing hormone therapy

Masculinizing hormone therapy uses is the use of testosterone hormone therapy to create more masculine characteristics. This type of therapy triggers the growth of facial and body hair, increases muscle mass, and changes body fat distribution to create a more masculine shape.

Masculinizing hormone therapy also stops menstruation.

What can I expect during a hormone therapy consultation?

You can expect compassionate care when you visit Pineapple Healthcare for a hormone therapy consultation. Before making any recommendations, you talk with one of the providers about your goals. Then, together you create a plan that helps you achieve your goals. 

The team provides care for those just starting the transition, as well as those who are working with other providers. 

Once you start hormone therapy, the team schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor your health and your transition. They also provide primary care services and behavioral health to assist with any physical or emotional health issues related to hormone therapy and gender identity.

The effects of gender-affirming hormone therapy are irreversible and require a life-long commitment. The team at Pineapple Healthcare wants to make sure that those using gender-affirming hormone therapy always have access to their medical care and treatment they need. 

Pineapple Healthcare is your one-stop -shop for evidence-based, progressive treatment. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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